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 Security Bars in Vancouver are available From

FH Security Products Ltd.



Security Bars give added security to businesses vulnerable to theft. Commercial security bars can stop break and entry from thieves who are targeting your Business. Commercial window  bars will not only deter thieves as a visual deterrent but will also prevent unwanted entry from the barrier provided by window bars made from steel.

Standard commercial  window bars are made from 1/2″ steel tubing.

FH Security Products Ltd. also offers custom commercial window security bars which can be made from a variety of steel tubing options.

FH Security Products Ltd.  commercial security bars are made with fire safe allowing for opening from the inside while keeping you safe from the predator on the outside.

FH Security also offers other steel security products for your business including steel security doors,  expanding gates, bollard security and anti shatter window film . For details on all our products visit our showroom in Langley BC or Victoria BC to secure your business with commercial window security bars in Vancouver.

Steel Security is what we do!!!

Security Gates – Surrey BC

Security Gates – Surrey BC are easily available from FH Security Products Ltd.

FH Security Products has a variety of standard security gates in stock. FH Security takes your security seriously providing a variety of proven methods of enhancing your security. Security Gates provide security by providing a visual barrier across your store front. The visual of security gates is enough to send thieves to find an easier target. FH Security gates not only provide a visual barrier but the strength of FH Security Gates signature 5/8″ steel gates will send unwanted thieves elsewhere.

Business’s in Surrey BC are recommended to hard target their premises by using Steel Security Products from FH Security