Vehicle Barriers – Car Slams Into Langley Storefront

Vehicle Barriers – Saving Lives and Preventing Damage

FH Security Products in Langley BC 1-855-533-3850 manufactures vehicle barriers that provide security from accidents such as a recent one at a local strip mall. Vehicle Barriers are gaining popularity as drive thru’s such as Langley most recent increase.  Although this incident was another close call and fortunately nobody was seriously injured vehicle barriers prevent such accidents from causing damage to infrastructure and can prevent lives from being lost. Most popular vehicle barriers are Bollard Security Products. FH Security Products manufactures and stocks a variety of vehicle barriers and Bollard Security Products.

Bollards are available in

In Ground Concrete to allow for the optimum strength and security.

Fixed Anchored are mounted to the surface and deter traffic and protect infrastructure.

Removable Bollards allows for a quick removal of the bollard to provide convenient access when needed.

FH Security also offers other steel security products and services to secure your business including steel security doors, commercial window security bars, bollard security products, anti shatter window film. For complete details on all our security products including expanding folding security gates to secure your business in Coquitlam visit our showrooms in Victoria BC, and Langley BC, see our web site at or call us at 1-855-533-3850

Steel Security is what we do!!

Bollard Vehicle Barriers – Vancouver Manufacturer

Bollard Vehicle Barriers for Vancouver by Langley based company

FH Security Products Limited



Bollard Vehicle Barriers continue to be an indispensable security device. Bollard Vehicle Barriers have the ability to stop vehicles at high speed. FH Security Bollard Vehicle Barriers give added security to stop drive thru break-ins as well as the ability for added store front security. Bollard Vehicle Barriers can protect infrastructure and ultimately save lives.

FH Security Products Manufactures and Supplies

Bollards in ground concrete- Optimum strength and security

Bollards fixed anchored- Mounted to the surface with a plate welded on to pipe

Removable Bollards- Bollard receiver is permanently fixed to the ground allowing for quick removal of the bollard.

FH Security also offers other steel security products for your business including steel security doors,  expanding gates, window bar security and anti shatter window film . For details on all our products visit our showroom in Langley BC or Victoria BC to protect your business and building with bollard barriers security.

Steel Security is what we do!!!

Bollards – Preventing Damage to Walmart

Bollards – Prevent Damage to infrastructure and ultimately save lives.

A Handy Dart Bus driver accelerated through a Walmart parking lot and ended up crashing through the side of a building. It is nothing short of a miracle that nobody was killed. Vehicle Barriers are a sure way to prevent damage from out of control vehicles. Not only can Bollards be used as a defense against damage to infrastructure but they can ultimately save lives by preventing a strong barrier between vehicles and people. This story like so many others is why the use of Bollards as a security device is on the rise. FH Security of Langley BC is a steel manufacturer with a variety of in stock Bollards. FH Security also offers the services of their bollard division for complete installs from start to finish. FH Security will prevent damage to buildings by providing a full variety of in stock Bollards. FH Security has the vehicle barrier right for you.

Bollards- In ground concrete

Allow for optimum strength and security

Bollards- Fixed Anchored

Mounted to the surface with a plate welded on to the pipe

Removable Bollards

Bollard receiver is permanently fixed in to the ground allowing for quick removal


How to Make Workplace Hazards Stand Out?

Enhancing the visibility of workplace hazards by identifying them with security measures is a known way to prevent work place accidents. Today’s standards require workplace safety to meet the specifications of overseeing agencies such as Work Safe BC. It’s required that every employer make a conscious effort to ensure that regular inspections are made in all workplaces. Inspections and security measures to the infrastructure of the building can prevent many types work place hazard. Securing bay doors with bollards can prevent damage to the infrastructure caused by machinery or heavy vehicles.  Removable Bollards placed in front of bay doors can spare damage to the building in high traffic areas. Permanently fixed bollards to the sides of bay doors can prevent damage from high traffic forklift areas. High traffic areas can be secured during work hours with fixed security gates or portable security gates. Security gates in the work place help to identify the work place hazards by preventing access during peak times and by identifying and clearly laying out the area in which a workplace hazard is present. FH Security Products manufactures products designed for added workplace safety to pr event workplace hazards. FH Security’s Safety Line comes in safety yellow powder coating to provide the extra security needed to identify and prevent damage or injury from workplace hazards.