Window Security Bars Vancouver BC

Window Security Bars Vancouver BC

Window Security Bars Vancouver BC provide a visual and strong deterrent against break-ins through glass. Window security bars Vancouver BC give added security to storefronts and buildings vulnerable by a large quantity of glass. Window security bars are an efficient way to keep thieves out of your premises and act as both a visual and hard target deterrent against theft.

The top qualities of Window Security Bars Vancouver BC are:

  • Storefront Security Bars are made to strengthen the security of your premises.
  • Window Security Bars are available for all window sizes as well as standard and double doors.
  • Storefront Security Bars are available in a variety of designs.
  • Our most popular designs are wavy bars and leaves.
  • Warehouse standard security bars are strong and durable to enhance security to warehouse glass.
  • FH Security Products uses half inch steel tubing for all standard security bars.

To enhance security from easy targeted glass consider anti shatter Security window film as an addition to window security bars when securing your store front.

Secure your store today!

Langley BC Break and Enter Target- RCMP Warn To Secure Your Business

Langley BC Break and Enter Target.

Another reason to secure your business with security folding scissor gates, window bars and door reinforcements as a deterrent against break ins.

RCMP warn business owners in Langley to be mindful of their security. Langley business owners are being targeted in recent weeks. Break and Enters are on the rise and Business owners need to be mindful of their surroundings including the security of neighboring businesses. With Langley being targeted FH Security recommends the  following methods to prevent you and your business from being considered an easy target.

– Know the business owners next to you

– Consider a visual deterrent

– Speak with Property Managers about securing empty units

– Secure Doors with Security Gates, Bars or Door reinforcements


Don’t let yourself be a Langley BC Break and Enter Target!!