Steel Security Door- Steel Security in Duncan BC

Steel Security Doors manufactured and designed by

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FH Security manufactures Steel Security Doors for added security to your existing door. FH Security Products has the door that is right for you. Whether you require a Steel Security Door to replace your already existing door or to replace your current door FH Security Products has the right door for you.

Steel Security Door Solid

Solid Steel Security doors are manufactured with strength and durability to provide the ultimate strength to your doorway. Solid Steel Security Doors prevent visibility for restricted areas.

Steel Security Door Mesh

Mesh Security Doors provide strength and security to a door way while allowing you to keep your visibility through your current doorway. Mesh Security Doors are made from a variety of material.

FH Security also offers other steel security products and services to secure your business including expanding folding scissor gates, commercial window security bars, bollard security products, anti shatter window film. For complete details on all our security products including expanding folding security gates to secure your business in Duncan and Nanaimo visit our showrooms in Victoria BC, and Langley BC, see our web site at or call us at 1-855-533-3850

Steel Security is what we do!!