Mailbox Security – Custom Mailbox Enclosures

Mailbox Security – Custom Mailbox Enclosures

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FH Security’s commitment to enhancing mailbox security continues to be a relief for many strata owners who continue to pay the high cost associated with repeat vandalism from mail thieves. Strata owners, and strata managers are seeking mailbox cages for mailbox security for strata units all over BC. Mail theft continues to be discussed heavily in the media with little confidence in a solution as the problem persists. FH Security Products solution to enhanced mailbox security is met with a sense of relief from strata owns and strata managers as a final solution to an expensive ongoing problem. FH Security specializes in Steel Security Products. Mailbox Security is its specialty and helping solve the problem of persistent expensive mail theft by providing an effective way of mailbox security with its custom security cages continues to keep FH Security Products highly sought after to provide relief to so many.

Enhancing your mailbox security with FH Security’s custom mailbox cages that are built to suit over your already existing strata mailboxes.

Each mailbox security cage includes a keyed door for residence to access their mailboxes with a secondary door for Mail Carriers completed with Mail Carrier Locks.

Already vandalized mailboxes can be replaced or repaired and completed with a mailbox security cage to avoid ongoing costly repairs from repeat theft.

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