Mailbox Security Cage – Manufactured by FH Security Products

Mailbox Security Cages Manufactured by FH Security Products Continue to be a HOT ITEM

Mailbox theft continues to plague many areas all over Canada. FH Security Products continues to be the solution by providing the custom mailbox security cage to many strata units seeking to find relief from ongoing repeat theft and vandalism to their strata mailboxes. Many victims are realizing that its not just the daily mail that the thieves are targeting…its much more then just the social security check that they snag in the process of the theft, but it is in fact your identity that is the target of the mailbox thief. FH Security Products continues to produce mailbox security cages that are specific to each strata units mailbox set up. FH Security is able to provide both access to mail carriers and to residence of the strata units.

Enhancing your mailbox security with FH Security’s custom mailbox cages that are built to suit over your already existing strata mailboxes.

Each mailbox security cage includes a keyed door for residence to access their mailboxes with a secondary door for Mail Carriers completed with Mail Carrier Locks.

Already vandalised mailboxes can be replaced or repaired and completed with a mailbox security cage to avoid ongoing costly repairs from repeat theft.

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