Mail Cage Mailbox Enclosure Prevent Theft in Richmond

Mail Cage Mailbox Enclosures are available from

FH Security Products Ltd.



FH Security Products Ltd. manufactures Mail Cage Mailbox Enclosures for strata mail boxes who are plagued by costly repeat vandalism and stoppage in mail due to damaged mailboxes. Mail Cage custom enclosures have been developed out of concern to prevent mail theft and those who become victims of identity theft after repeat targeting. FH Security Products recognized the need for added mail box security and developed and perfected the Mail Cage Custom Enclosure to combat the mail theft problem.

Each Mail Cage Mailbox Enclosure provides maximum secured design built over your existing strata mailboxes.

Each Mail Cage Mailbox Enclosure design includes a keyed door for residence to access their mail boxes as well as a secondary mail carrier door completed with mail carrier locks.

Mail Cage Mailbox Enclosure is designed to be esthetically pleasing and are available in a variety of high quality powder coatings.

Already vandalized mailboxes can be repaired while a Mail Cage Mailbox Enclosure is designed, installed and keyed to provide complete  service with no more stops to mail delivery.

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