Expanding Security Gates – What Makes FH Gates Better?

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FH Security Products continues to set themselves apart from the competition. We will beat all competitors prices and because we trust our products we will offer a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Our expanding security gates come secure…no need to add your own security methods once our products is installed!!


What are the benefits of FH Storefront Expanding Security Gates?

The greatest benefit to using folding scissor gates for your storefront other than the great security they provide, is the operation of the folding gates. You want sales in your store for your business while open, and secure when it closed. Unlike window security bars that are always fixed permanently, these folding gates can retract open while open, not giving your customers or employees the feeling of being closed in. These scissor gates will retract and pivot to proper secured mounting posts, where they mount by three hinges with welded pins. During hours of operation, you will only see the expanding gates in retracting mode, usually in the corners if possible of your storefront. Leaving your business virtually the same as it was before the security gates are installed. By night time, the expand and provide full visual security.

Another important benefit is that when you have fixed security window bars on the doors, once the doors open by break in, the bars open as well being attached, that’s not much for security, by the time the alarm is bringing enough attention, your business is already looted. With security folding gates, you have a second layer of security, once the store doors are broken into, the alarm is off most and they have another layer to contend with, damaging their plans and time line of break in. This is key in a break and enter mindset, time. Folding security gates take this away.

What size of FH Expanding Security Gates do we manufacture?

FH Security manufactures our own expanding security gates, which gives us great strength to meet our customers needs, as a supplier to many companies also across Canada we have a wide selection to choose from. Our height for folding gates start at 24″ up to 96″ including castor wheel. Our widths start at 16″ up to 130″ which is max suggested per single gate.

What materials make up our FH Folding Security Gates?

Throughout the years of ongoing product development we have stamped our flagship expanding security gates with 5/8″ by 5/8″ square tubing as we found 1/2″ steel couldn’t handle the years of wear and tear on wider gates, and first and foremost, the force to enter was to easy being weak.  Our side rails then also went thicker to 14 gauge. Another addition we made necessary to secure folding door gates, was the hook-lock mortise style assembly we build within our custom add on post to the gates. This adds much stronger security and style, unlike a jimmy proof knuckle lock which are not commercial rated. With ease of use to operate, and less chance of maintenance to the locks, as they are also re-keyable to existing locks and of commercial grade. 10 year warranty on all manufacturing.

Other Options?

Contact us! See our other styles of expanding security gates in the menu to customize your order, or contact us for an on site quotation in Greater Vancouver  or a quote by email as per your sizes and photos. In Langley BC you can visit our new showroom and see the gates in first person yourself.

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