Bollards – Preventing Damage to Walmart

Bollards – Prevent Damage to infrastructure and ultimately save lives.

A Handy Dart Bus driver accelerated through a Walmart parking lot and ended up crashing through the side of a building. It is nothing short of a miracle that nobody was killed. Vehicle Barriers are a sure way to prevent damage from out of control vehicles. Not only can Bollards be used as a defense against damage to infrastructure but they can ultimately save lives by preventing a strong barrier between vehicles and people. This story like so many others is why the use of Bollards as a security device is on the rise. FH Security of Langley BC is a steel manufacturer with a variety of in stock Bollards. FH Security also offers the services of their bollard division for complete installs from start to finish. FH Security will prevent damage to buildings by providing a full variety of in stock Bollards. FH Security has the vehicle barrier right for you.

Bollards- In ground concrete

Allow for optimum strength and security

Bollards- Fixed Anchored

Mounted to the surface with a plate welded on to the pipe

Removable Bollards

Bollard receiver is permanently fixed in to the ground allowing for quick removal