Bollard Vehicle Barriers – Vancouver Manufacturer

Bollard Vehicle Barriers for Vancouver by Langley based company

FH Security Products Limited



Bollard Vehicle Barriers continue to be an indispensable security device. Bollard Vehicle Barriers have the ability to stop vehicles at high speed. FH Security Bollard Vehicle Barriers give added security to stop drive thru break-ins as well as the ability for added store front security. Bollard Vehicle Barriers can protect infrastructure and ultimately save lives.

FH Security Products Manufactures and Supplies

Bollards in ground concrete- Optimum strength and security

Bollards fixed anchored- Mounted to the surface with a plate welded on to pipe

Removable Bollards- Bollard receiver is permanently fixed to the ground allowing for quick removal of the bollard.

FH Security also offers other steel security products for your business including steel security doors,  expanding gates, window bar security and anti shatter window film . For details on all our products visit our showroom in Langley BC or Victoria BC to protect your business and building with bollard barriers security.

Steel Security is what we do!!!