Security in Sochi

Security in Sochi has been and is currently been talked about extensively in the media. Issues around the safety of the athletes and visitors to Sochi have been talked about with its fair share of serious concern as well as its fair share of comical hype. Security measures are no laughing matter. Security in Sochi has surely been well budgeted for and extensively thought out to ensure the athletes, citizens and visitors peace of mind during the 2014 Olympics. Security in Sochi unlike security in some aspects in not considered as high a priority as it should. Security measures such as hard target methods are often an afterthought when the unfortunate theft has already taken place. Budgeting for proper security products as a preventative method will usually always out weight the cost of the after math of the break-in. FH Security Products takes pride in helping it customers to secure their premises with well thought out products that will hard target and prevent break-ins against thieves. Wishing all the Olympic hopefuls’ safety, security and the best of luck from FH Security Products Ltd.

“From the beginning of the construction phase, security was given paramount importance in the preparations for the Games,” Chernyshenko told RT’s Paul Scott in Sochi. “And in the opinion of all international experts and the IOC [International Olympic committee], the Russian state authority is providing incredible measures and procedures to guarantee the safest and the most secure Games ever.”